How It Works

Our Drive Electric program helps people to purchase electric vehicles by providing outreach and education about the benefits of driving an electric vehicle. We work with dealerships who are willing to offer discounted pricing to participants in the program, and in exchange we promote those dealerships and their EV's to implement creative solutions to lessen environmental impacts. 

1. Learn About Drive Electric Northern Utah: Attend a workshop or an event to learn all about Drive Electric Northern Utah. Get answers to your frequently asked questions and start thinking about what EV you are interested in. Find upcoming workshops and register to attend.

2. Sign Up for the Program and Recieve Your Discount Code: Get started today by signing up for the program to recieve your EV discount code! The program is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Signing up does not commit you to purchasing an EV. 

3. Connect with the Dealer and Set up an Appointment / Test-Drive: Your prefered dealer will contact you to talk about your prefered EV and provide you with an estimated cost and time to visit the dealership for a test drive and to check out the EV. 

4. Review and Sign Your EV Purchase and Contract: Review and sign your contract for your new/used EV before December 3, 2016.

5. Start Driving Electric and Spread the Word! Share your testemonial

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