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DENU Logo PNGThe Drive Electric Northern Utah program is a community-led effort to facilitate a discounted rate for electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs). Car dealers are able to offer a discount because the program drives targeted customer demand during a limited timeframe. To those who enroll through the program, there will be discounts on BEV (battery-electric) or PHEV (plug-in-hybrid electric) car models. The program gives community members the opportunity to purchase or lease all-electric and plug-in-hybrid electric vehicles at discounted prices starting in October and available for a limited time only.

Residents of Northern Utah, including Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Morgan, and Weber counties, can purchase or lease EVs at a discounted price while also reducing the criteria air pollutants and greenhouse gases associated with their vehicles. This joint program is aimed at improving air quality and community health both today and for future generations. With almost 50 percent of Utah’s urban air pollution coming from tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles represent an important tool for improving air quality throughout Northern Utah. 

The Program is being administered through a partnership between project administrator, Utah Clean Energy, Weber State University and Utah State University, who are promoting the program to members of their campus communities. 

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