What is Drive Electric Northern Utah?

Drive Electric Northern Utah is here to make it easier and more affordable to purchase an electric vehicle. Drive Electric Northern Utah is teaming up with Utah State University and Weber State University to offer this great opportunity to purchase and lease electric vehicles at a discounted price.

Why drive an electric vehicle? Maybe you want to save money on fuel and maintenance costs, enjoy the high torque acceleration of an electric engine, or access up to $9,000 in state and federal tax credits. In addition to these great reasons, driving an electric vehicle has huge benefits for air quality. When compared to traditional gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles drastically reduce the amount of criteria air pollutants associated with your driving. Criteria air pollutants are responsible for the poor air quality on winter and summer inversion days. Approximately 48% of the criteria air pollutants along the Wasatch Front come from mobile sources (cars and trucks). This means you can take proactive steps towards cleaning up our air by replacing your gasoline vehicle with an EV, and Drive Electric Northern Utah is here to help!