How To Get Your Discount

How do you qualify for the Live Electric EV discount? It's simple.


1. Be a Rocky Mountain Power customer or a State of Utah employee

The Live Electric EV discount is available for all Rocky Mountain Power customers and State of Utah employees. 

2. Compare 2018 Nissan Leaf models on the Program Website

Using the tabs above, you can compare models, learn about EVs, and discover their benefits for air quality and your wallet.

3. Grab a recent Rocky Mountain Power bill, or your State Employee ID

If you're a RMP customer, find a recent power bill to take with you to a dealership. If you're a State of Utah employee, grab your ID badge.

4. Take your power bill or State Employee ID to a dealership to receive your discount

It's that simple. As long as you provide the forms of proof listed above, you're eligible for the $3,500 Live Electric EV discount on all models of the 2018 Nissan Leaf, sold at all Utah Nissan-dedicated dealerships.

5. Start driving electric and share your testimonial!

Now that you've made the switch to an EV, share your story with us! We love to hear why participants chose to make the switch. Simply email us at .
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