Sponsors & Supporters

Read more about the organizations that have joined forces to offer the Zoo-m Go Electric program! Their commitment to improved air quality along the the Wasatch Front helps us all breathe a little easier. Thank you for your support!

Zoo-m Go Electric Supporters 

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Funding from UCAIR supports the Zoo-m Go Electric Program.
UCAIR is a statewide clean air partnership created to make it easier for individuals, businesses and communities to make small changes to improve Utah's air. Every small change adds to a collective bigger step toward better health, a better economy and better overall quality of life for all of us.
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Funding from the Salt Lake City Patagonia Outlet supports the Zoo-m Go Electric Program.
Patagonia makes grants to organizations that identify and work on the root causes of problems and that approach issues with a commitment to long-term change. Because Patagonia believes that the most direct path to real change is through building grassroots momentum, Patagonia's funding focuses on organizations that create a strong base of citizen support.


Zoo-m Go Electric Sponsors

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Utah's Hogle Zoo nurtures respect and appreciation for the natural world by providing diverse educational, recreational and conservation opportunities. This is accomplished through imaginative exhibits and programs, professional animal care and commitment to excellence. 
At the heart of the Zoo's movement towards sustainability is the many staff and community engagement programs led by the Zoo's Green Team. Committed to advancing sustainability in our operations, this team of multi-departmental advocates is continually improving the Zoo's recycling efforts, promoting alternative commuting strategies, and engaging with our community.
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Utah Clean Energy is Utah’s leading expert public interest organization working to expand renewable energy and energy efficiency in a way that is beneficial not only for Utah’s environment and health, but also our economy and long-term energy security. Utah Clean Energy is committed to creating a future that ensures healthy, thriving communities for all, empowered and sustained by clean energies such as solar, wind and energy efficiency.