About Zoo-m Go Electric

HusaniUtah's Hogle Zoo and Utah Clean Energy are pleased to announce that in just six weeks, 66 new electric vehicles and E-bikes were purchased through ZOOm Go Electric! These 66 new EVs and E-bikes are an important step towards improved air quality along the Wasatch Front. Over the next five years, these EVs and E-bikes will prevent over 64,000 gallons of gasoline from being burned, which means significant reductions in local criteria air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. These avoided greenhouse gas emissions are equivalent to not burning over 214,000 pounds of coal, or the equivalent amount of carbon sequestered by 190 acres of forest in one year.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ZOOm Go Electric program! We greatly appreciate your support and your continued commitment to improved air quality along the Wasatch Front.

The goal of this joint program was to improve air quality and community health both today and for future generations. With almost 50 percent of Utah’s urban air pollution coming from tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles and E-bikes are an important tool for improving air quality along the Wasatch Front. During Utah Clean Energy's past EV programs, community members showed their commitment to improving local air quality by purchasing over 200 electric vehicles. We are excited to continue this success in partnership with Utah's Hogle Zoo in 2017!

In order to make this program possible, Utah's Hogle Zoo partnered with Utah Clean Energy, a non-profit, public interest organization that works to drive the transition to a clean energy future. We received generous support from the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) and Patagonia Outlet of Salt Lake City. Read more about the Zoo-m Go Electric team here!