How It Works

The U Bike Electric program offers upfront discounts on many models of electric bikes, from cruisers to commuters to cargo bikes, and even mountain bikes! Whether you are hoping to lessen your environmental impact, get more exercise, or tackle that hill, join us to learn more about how you can upgrade your ride through U Bike Electric. The University of Utah has carefully screened bike shops for participation in the program and has selected bike shops with experience selling, maintaining, and repairing electric drive trains, so you can shop with confidence.

1. Learn about U Bike Electric:

Find answers to frequently asked questions, browse featured models, or explore the complete inventory and compare discount prices.

2. Sign Up for your Discount Code:

Get started today by signing up to receive your E-Bike discount code! Signing up does not commit you to purchasing an E-Bike. 

3. Test ride E-Bikes on campus or visit the bike shop: 

You will be able to test ride many models of E-bike at several test ride events on and around campus. If you're eyeing a specific bike you can visit a specific participating bike shop to try it out and receive the program discount through May 26th.

4. Start Biking Electric and Spread the Word!

Do you use your new bike to get to class? Haul groceries? Zoom up that hill? We want to know - share your testimonial

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