Meet the Team

U Drive Electric is brought to you by the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and Utah Clean Energy. The U Drive Electic team has joined forces to offer the second round of U Drive Electric, launching on September 12th! U Drive Electric offers a streamlined process and discounted price for the purchase or lease of electric vehicles. Read more about the team below. 

 U Sustainability Logo     The University of Utah is committed to integrating sustainability across all areas of the institution, including academics, operations, and administration and to serving as a model for what is possible in sustainability. The Sustainability Office supports sustainability efforts of all kinds and works to better streamline initiatives and collaboration across campus. 
 SLC logo black transparent     Salt Lake City is committed to driving energy and air quality solutions within its government operations and in partnership with the community as a whole. The City recently committed to powering 100 percent of community electricity needs with renewable energy by 2032, ensuring that the benefits of electric vehicles are maximized. Details on recent SLC energy goals are available at
 UCE Logo Transparent     Utah Clean Energy is Utah’s leading expert public interest organization working to expand renewable energy and energy efficiency in a way that is beneficial not only for Utah’s environment and health, but also our economy and long-term energy security. Utah Clean Energy is committed to creating a future that ensures healthy, thriving communities for all, empowered and sustained by clean energies such as solar, wind and energy efficiency.


U Drive Electric Supporters 

U Drive Electric was made possible by the generous support from the following: 

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