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Intermountain Logo FINALWondering how to get started with Intermountain Drives Electric? It' easy! Get started by finding the electric vehicle or E-bike that you're interested in, and then visit the Intermountain Drives Electric selected dealership or bike shop for a test drive. We recommend making an appointment with the EV dealer(s) that you're interested in visiting to ensure that an EV specialist is available to meet with you. No appointment necessary for bike shop visits. You can find the contact information for the full list of participating EV dealers and bike shops here. Be sure to bring your Intermountain Healthcare ID badge as proof that you are an Intermountain employee and eligible to participate in the program. Don't forget the Intermountain Drives Electric discounts are only available through November 11th, so be sure to visit a participating dealer or shop and make your purchase before the deadline!

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*PLEASE NOTE: Sign up no longer required. We have eliminated the sign-up form and discount code due to technical difficulties. Just visit a participating EV dealer or bike shop with your Intermountain ID badge for proof of eligibility for the program. You can sign up here to receive news and updates about Intermountain Drives Electric.