E-Bike 101

Begining October 2nd, Intermountain Drives Electric participants will be able to purchase discounted electric bicycles (or E-bikes) through the program. E-bikes offer an easy way to get around town and allow riders to significantly reduce the carbon and air pollutant emissions associated with their transportation. Read on for more details or check out our frequently asked questions page here!

Are you looking for a cleaner mode of transportation? Are you tired of traffic and your daily commute? Have you stopped riding your bike to work because the ride is too long or your office is up hill? If you answered yes to any of these questions, an electric bicycle may be the answer you’ve been looking for! Electric bicycles or E-bikes are a great alternative for getting around town without your car, and without breaking a sweat. E-bikes have a battery and electric motor that will assist your pedaling or even propel your bike without pedaling. This allows riders to commute on bike uphill and for longer distances than they otherwise would, or to take that mountain trail that was too challenging with their traditional bike. There is a wide and growing variety of E-bikes, including commuter bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, cargo bikes, and folding bikes, all of which are available through Intermountain Drives Electric.

Intermountain Drives Electric is offering significant discounts on E-bikes from several local participating bike shops. These discounts are available for a limited time only! Program participants will have access to these discounts from October 2nd through November 11th, so the time to go electric is now! Sign up today, and RSVP to attend a workshop to learn more about the Program and the benefits of owning an E-bike.

Have questions about E-bikes? Read our E-bike Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us!