About Live Electric

Rocky Mountain Power and Utah Clean Energy have teamed up to offer the Live Electric Discount program, which extends discounts on new Nissan Leaf EVs and electric bikes (E-bikes) to Rocky Mountain Power customers. Live Electric offers a $10,000 discount on the purchase of the all electric Nissan Leaf through September 30, and discount on E-bikes from participating suppliers beginning September 16th through September 30th (E-bike details and discount amounts to be announced soon).  

There are two educational workshops scheduled in September that are free and open to the public. The workshops are an opportunity for interested community members to learn more about the benefits of electric vehicles and E-bikes, and also to learn more about the program discounts and how to participate. Workshops to be followed by a Q&A session and an opportunity to check out the 2017 Nissan Leaf and select models of available E-bikes. You can find more workshop details and RSVP here! 

Live Electric is available for a limited time only! Sign up and make your purchase by September 30th, 2017!    

This joint program aims to improve air quality and community health both today and for future generations. With almost 50 percent of Utah’s urban air pollution coming from tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles and E-bikes are an important tool for improving air quality statewide. During Utah Clean Energy's past EV programs, community members showed their commitment to improving local air quality by purchasing nearly 300 electric vehicles and E-bikes. Read more about our past EV programs here!

In order to make this program possible, Rocky Mountain Power partnered with Utah Clean Energy, a non-profit, public interest organization that works to drive the transition to a clean energy future. Read more about the Live Electric team here!


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